The centre is a beautiful and  a safe learning environment for my child. Enma is very organized in her centre and is always thinking of new fun learning activity's for the children. We are so fortunate to be able to send our daughter to Cherry Tree.


 “Every morning my child is welcomed with a warm embrace and everyday my child leaves by saying ‘I love you teacher.’ My child is loved, his mind is stimulated and from a young age he is learning patience, respect and that being different is not only okay but it is admired.Thank you Enma for going above and beyond and making each day a magical experience” 

Dan Miller 

 “Imagine a place that your child is excited to go to every morning.

Imagine a place where your child’s imagination is embraced and this uniqueness is celebrated.

Imagine a place where your child learns through the act of play and nature. Well, our family was lucky to find such a place at Cherry Tree. 

“ Robyn Plumsteel 

 “The connection that our son Dylan had with Enma and all the Cherry Tree children was so natural and positive. Having wooden toys and cork flooring instead of plastic and carpet is always a wonderful environment for children with allergies. Enma had prepared Dylan with all the right tools for kindergarten. He has such a high level of reading and writing for his age. I believe she’s helped us so much in this process. All I can say is Enma is a beautiful, nurturing preschool teacher and your child is in the best environment possible.

 Lorri and Darcy