Cherry Tree kids are easily recognized as they splash, sing and chatter on their frequent outings to park, beach and town centre. Leading this happy group is "teacher",who has played an important role in the lives of all the children and families whom have called Cherry Tree "their other home". Children who attend a child care do so usually for many hours.  Some of the most important milestones in a persons life are developed and reached before they reach age six. Parents wish for their children  a secure place to learn and grow, and desire that the experience be  both loving and thoughtful. The first tenant at Cherry tree is respect,the second ...cooperation. 

Cherry Tree  opened in 2006. The building was designed and built to fulfil a dream that Enma (teacher) had begun to form when she lived in Victoria and was  completing her studies. Two years of thought and preparation went into  its creation. The dream was to have a place where children could get the best care  and early education possible. Enma knew that meant having a knowledge of how children grow and develop and recognizing the importance of  play. Role modelling and interaction are the blocks children use to build their character and confidence. Navigating the early years adeptly prepares a child for the primary years,and gives them skills they will use for the rest of life.